We started by reviewing the action plan from the last meeting and assessing how far the people involved have progressed. After much deliberation and planning, a new set of Action Plans emerged.

Action Plan decided on 2/20/2024:

1. Mr. Johnson was assigned the task of obtaining 180g and 250g relaxer jars and caps to enable the team to make the final decision on the jar to select for the relaxer.

2. More products should be evaluated. These products include Neutralizing Shampoo, Instant Conditioner, Setting Lotion, Styling Gel, and Ordinary Shampoo. This evaluation should be done with independent beauty salons and on 5 different models.

3. Further development planning for possible new product lines will commence as soon as the first product categories are completed. These product lines include Anti-itching Sheen Spray and Lock and Twist Gel. The adopted fragrance should be a focal point in the development of these products because these categories of products are well-known for their fragrance. Mr. Shin will provide the formulation for these product lines and instructions for adoption.

4. More features and benefits should be added to the beauty shampoo, such as a detangling shampoo. Mr. Johnson should work with the formulation team to outline the possible new benefits.

5. Pilot batches are currently ongoing, and all product viscosities will be corrected before submitting new samples.

6. Final submission of the new lotions is expected to happen on or before Thursday, May 23, 2024:

– Mr. Nwobi: Thursday, May 23, 2024

– Admin: Thursday, May 23, 2024

– Mr. Dan: Wednesday, May 22, 2024

– Mr. Nelson: Thursday, May 23, 2024

– Mr. Johnson: Wednesday, May 22, 2024

7. The Topskin lotion feedback is favorable, but the team unanimously decided to adopt the Iberchem perfume called Tropical Paradise to be used for the Miracle White sample because the current Miracle White Perfume isn’t strong enough. This should be run by Mrs. Okechi. Tropical Paradise was initially selected for Topskin Lotion but was changed later in the development stage.

8. On the subject of laundry soaps: Viva and Cameo 250g are the fastest-selling in the market. We also have 175g under brands like Supreme and Premiere. Under the Supreme Brand 175g, we have: Refresh, Shea Butter, Peach, and Soft Peach. Under the 60g Premiere brand, we have: Aloe Vera, Milk and Honey. 200g is another brand in the market, which is BabyandMe by Aspira Nigeria. We also have the 130g brands like WAW and Nittol.

9. The Iberchem team visited, and we decided during the visit that we will let them know the quantity we require so we can better plan.

10. The Iberchem lady also promised that the perfume samples for the haircare products will be made available before the end of the week. She will be bringing them herself.

11. We all decided to look at possible Tropical Paradise fragrances that could work for both the Miracle White soap and lotion.

12. We also decided to make some bland samples of soap and lotion, which will be given to the Iberchem people. These samples will be used for stability testing and matching the right perfume. Mr. Afolabi will make these available on Thursday.

As the team finalizes plans for new product lines and refines existing formulas, their dedication to innovation and market adaptability shines through. With a focus on quality and consumer preferences, the future of their enhanced product lines looks promising